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French chocolate maker zChocolat is one of the premier chocolatiers in the world. These 100% French artisanal chocolates have no equal, its chocolate in its purest form without preservatives and free of fat, except genuine cocoa butter. Check out our zChocolat range here.


Chocolate creates a pleasure that whets our appetite for love. Quietly and unassumingly Cupid then slips in and strikes. Here are some extra-ordinary gifts to help Cupid’s arrows find your target.

Ballotin Box With Today

‘Morelia’ Chocolate Set (275 g)

Manufacturer: ”A. Korkunov” Weight: 275 grams Type: chocolate set Description: dark chocolate coating, almond cream with whole hazelnuts Availability: ships within 3-7 business days Origin: Russian Federation Product Details For over 500 years the world enjoys chocolate. History testifies that regardless of changes of taste, circumstances and technologies, famous chocolate recipes stand the test of time. Russian confectionery factory ”A. Korkunov” – located just outside of Moscow – has opened a new page in the history of chocolate. The restored recipe of tender chocolate candies with whole hazelnuts will surprise you by its exclusive quality and refined taste. This elite ”A. Korkunov” chocolate candies set will make an excellent gift on any special occasion. Hurry to get yours! You won’t regret your choice.

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